'Great things are done by a series of small things 
brought together.'

- Vincent Van Gogh - 

Hi everyone! My name is Braja and I’m the founder of Flower Devi, a floral design company based in the New York City area.


Flower Devi is where sweetness, joy and expression of love meet with depth of creativity, inspiration and meaning. Flower Devi emerged out of my personal love for working with flowers and also a deep running desire to inspire people to live a more positive, vibrant and meaningful lives. Growing up my family had a garden where all kinds of fruit trees, vegetables, berry bushes and flowers used to glow. When I was about 5, I was given a section in the garden, which I took care of every day and where I grew plants that I personally picked. Mostly flowers.

My grandma used to say that I had a green thumb, because whatever I put in the soil would develop roots, spring into a creeper and give fully developed beautiful flowers. My secret was that I deeply cared for each and every plant and I talked to them regularly to encourage their growth, even when they were just a seed. I liked how different and unique they were from each other even within the same ‘family’. Flowers meant a lot to me. And they still do. They are a lot more than merely beautiful decorations that get thrown away when they’ve ’served their purpose’. 


To me flowers are nothing but an expression of love. And the main goal of Flower Devi is to be a provider of that love, expressing deepest emotions and digging deeper into the creative minds of our customers. Moreover, it’s a way to bring out and connect through our best qualities and deepest affection for our object of love. Because, you know, flowers speak louder than words ©. 


Before and during making 'anything flowers' I like to always meditate on the person (people), trying to think of their qualities and what they would love. I like to combine various textures and colors into something that speaks to the heart of who I’m making it for. And it always feels so rewarding when I see that I guessed the mood of a person and transferred it into a floral arrangement. 


Through Flower Devi I pray to inspire and reach more people to raise their quality of life not by the means of material accumulation but by developing more meaningful and nurturing relationships with ourselves and others, while sharing our unique gifts with each other. If this sounds good to you, please join the Facebook Flower Devi tribe or simply email me to stay in touch!


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